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 We buy CORNCOBS and other biomass


This site is a platform for selling your corncobs (& other Biomass):

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This trade and information portal is still under construction, but you may register and try out the trade-desk.

Modus Operandi

  1. Tell us how much you have to sell (and when) and bring your biomass to one of our collection points (e.g. kiosks at rural trading store or co-op depots or at the mobile collection point, etc.) at the agreed time.
  2. At our locations, your biomass will be weighed and rated according to pre-defined criteria (e.g. moisture content or distance form point of use).
  3. We will pay you immediately (e.g. via e-wallet, pay-pal or your account on Cob.Trade™, etc.) and provide you with a transaction receipt (or SMS acknowledgement from your Cob.Trade™ account).

NB: For large suppliers or suppliers that will enter into long-term contracts, Cob.Trade™ will provide additional features, like selling biomass futures and scheduling (large-scale) collections at the farms/depots in accordance with your (biomass) harvesting schedules.


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  • Who

    Cob.Trade™ is DalinYebo's SPV for the development of biomass supply chains for (Furfural) BioRefineries  such as, but not limited to:




  • Why

    In most places (in Africa), the corncob is left in the field or is under utilised. Maize (Mealie) is one of Africa's staple diets and often grown with poor yields. The co-harvesting of the cobs provides additional revenue to the (emerging) farmers from a food by-product that is often wasted.

  • Why Not

    Agro-Biomass is expensive to transport over long distances. The Cob.Trade™ business model is based on the development of a local biomass trade for several regional converters (e.g. biorefineries). Agro-Biomass processing is a new economy with a vast potential, provided there is a (structured) feedstock supply. Learn more

  • Background

    DalinYebo has market access for the products and designed the agro-biomass processing facilities (based on a modernised 1922 process), which are 'shovel ready' and for which there are investors, provide the feedstock supply is secured. These rural biorefineries will have a very significant socioeconomic impact, because the exploitation of this  economy is a collaborative effort between commercial and emerging farmers, who will be able share in the profits. Learn more

  • Services

     We draw on the expertise of the DalinYebo team with regard to biomass harvesting & storage, biomass transport & logistics and biomass processing. Learn more .

     ImplyIT offers IT business consulting and software development services. They also maintain the Cob.Trade IT architectures. Learn more .

  • Support

    Contact us online, or



    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    PO Box 2737

    Westway Office Park, 3635

    Republic of South Africa

  • Message Us

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  • Q: Who will buy my biomass?

    A: Cob.Trade™ will execute the transaction and esure that you'll get paid, immediately. Each region will have its dedicated buyer who operates a biomass processing hub (e.g. a GreenEnergyPark™ or µ-BioRefinery™).

  • Q: Will it be possible for someone in Swaziland to sell corncobs to the company?

    A: Initially, we are developing Cob.Trade™ in regions where there is scope for rapid implementation. We need access to a supply of min. 10,000 tpa of corncob or similar biomass, within 50km radius. These regions must have scope for small-scale grower developments, so as to increase the biomass to well over 25,000 tpa within 3 years.

    NB: The buyers (the biomass processing hub investors) require the farmers to make long-term supply commitments.

  • More Questions?

    Please drop us a note via the contact page.

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